Cockroaches 101


There are many different species of cockroaches most of which can infest your home. Some live outside in leaf litter and wood piles and come indoors in search of food while others are comfortable living indoors enjoying your kitchen and bath. Cockroaches can infest your home in a number of ways. They can come in from the outside through cracks and crevices or can be carried in on infested foodstuffs, boxes or move through adjoining walls in apartments or town homes.

About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are drawn to your home in search of food, water and shelter. They can withstand long periods without food but will need a source of water. Cockroaches can carry and transfer several organisms that cause diseases such as E. coli and Salmonella. They can contaminate food, plates and utensils just by walking across them. They can cause allergies in their left behind feces and cast skins. There is not too much pleasant about a cockroach.

Cockroaches can reproduce rapidly. Once females lay their eggs, another timer has begun. Depending on the species, 14 or more young cockroaches can emerge from each egg case within about two months. (Egg cases contain all of a cockroach’s individual eggs. The cases are covered in a hardened protein substance to protect the eggs contained within.) With the ability to multiply inside walls, squeeze through cracks no thicker than a quarter, and scatter before daylight like vampires, cockroaches can build numbers in absolute secrecy. When you see one roach after dawn, it’s already too late. Daylight activity suggests that the cockroach infestation has become especially heavy.

Cockroach Control With Bio Spot Active Care™

Sanitation is one key to keeping cockroaches numbers down. Clear the pizza boxes, hamburger wrappers and other debris out and keep the trash emptied. Clean your kitchen and other moisture-prone areas thoroughly (along with stoves and other appliances), vacuum the floors and carpets, and remove clutter.

Once you’ve cleaned and removed clutter it’s time to take your revenge on the intruding cockroaches. Cockroaches like dark and damp areas to hide, so when you treat look for these areas such as: under the sink, under and behind the fridge, pantry, and trash bin. Also look for cracks in the walls, voids, heating vents, and other places from which cockroaches may enter or hide. It helps to be thorough. Spray cockroaches and hiding places with Bio Spot Active Care™ Home Spray to strike where they live and breed. The Home Spray also protects against pests like fleas and ticks and contains an insect growth regulator to break the flea life cycle before babies can grow into reproducing adults.

Want to expand your protection coverage? Bio Spot Active Care™ Carpet Spray protects carpets, drapes, rugs, upholstered furniture, and pet bedding for up to seven months of protection from flea reinfestation.

Keeping your house spotless and spraying with these Bio Spot Active Care™ products can help reduce the cockroach presence and let your family start fresh with a pest-free home.

As an alternate measure, follow the directions on the package and set up Bio Spot Active Care™ Indoor Fogger units near the cockroaches’ likely nest entrances. You’ll be able to re-enter your home with a restored sense of security.

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