Bio Spot Active Care™ *Infest Stop™


Flea From My Home!

Nobody needs extra motivation to clear up their flea problem. Difficult to eliminate completely, fleas leave ugly bite marks, scare away visitors, and transform carpets into minefields.

Despite its small size, a female cat flea can consume more than 15 times its weight in blood each day. Sometimes they transmit parasites like the flea tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum) too.

Clearly, prevention is the best way to go: Bio Spot Active Care™ products can help prevent full-scale adult flea infestation with *Infest Stop™ingredient, a powerful insect-growth regulator (IGR) that interrupts the flea life cycle to keep a few stragglers from increasing into a biting army in the next generation.

*Infest stop™: Under the Hood

Some flea sprays kill adult fleas exclusively—leaving their eggs and larvae alone. But, most Bio Spot Active Care™ pet treatments contain *Infest Stop™ ingredient which kills flea eggs and larvae before they can develop into biting adults.

Coverage You Can Count On

If your pet has fleas or you want to prevent them, Bio Spot Active Care™ products with *InfestStop™ ingredient, such as Bio Spot Active Care™ Topicals, Collars, and Pet Sprays, provide for every contingency. Protect your household with Bio Spot Active Care™ products.


Did You Know?

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