Joint Care in Adult Dogs

Joint Care in Adult Dogs

Seeing your dog sprint after a soccer ball, race up the hill on a hike, or leap onto the bed to join you in a cuddle never fails to make you smile. His athleticism amazes you, mostly because he never seems to run out of energy. Little dogs seem to fly through the air, while bigger ones cover ground in the blink of an eye. Of course, you want your four-legged friend to remain active for as long as possible, so you’ll need to take a few precautions. Here’s where adding a joint supplement like Bio Spot Active Care™ Joint Health Chewable Tablets comes in handy.

About Joints

For many dogs, a lot of running, jumping, and climbing is part of their daily routine. As canines age, these activities can take a toll on joint health.

Proactive Joint Care

Every dog breed or mixed breed is different, so check with your veterinarian about the best time to begin adding joint care supplements. Consider adding Bio Spot Active Care™ Joint Health Chewable Tablets to support normal joint recovery from exercise. This formulation contains glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which are part of the cartilage matrix. One dose per day provides these matrix building blocks throughout the day.

Here are a few other tips to help keep your favorite canine’s joints in tiptop shape:

  • Keep him at the proper weight—extra weight adds additional stress to joints.
  • For those dogs needing additional help jumping into the car, or on and off the couch or bed, try providing a pet ramp or stairs with treats.
  • You can help prevent your dog from slipping by placing yoga mats or non-slip rugs around the house, or put pet booties on his feet to give him traction.
  • Block off drafts and keep your best buddy warm during cold weather to help soothe aching joints after exercise. Orthopedic pet bedding will also give your dog’s joints support.
  • Consider a few minutes of slow walking or swimming daily to help keep him mobile. Discuss the type of activities and length of activity with your veterinarian prior to implementing. Tailor an exercise program to best suit your individual dog.

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Did You Know?

If a dog wags his tail to the left side, he may be indicating that he doesn't like what's approaching him.