How do I protect against fleas and ticks in my home?

It is very important to treat the home environment with premise control products, such as carpet powders, carpet sprays, room foggers and home sprays the same day the pet is treated in order to maintain proper flea control. All areas the pet frequents must be attended to including the home, garage, finished basement (or basements where the pet spends a lot of time), kennel and yard. In situations where the infestations remain a persistent problem even after initial treatments, consider treatment of attics or crawl spaces . Vacuuming is a very important part in gaining control of a flea infestation. Vacuuming before the initial treatment, and daily (or every other day) thereafter for the next few weeks is very effective at removing the newly emerged fleas and flea dirt, eggs and some larvae from the carpets. The efficacy of the actives is not compromised by the vacuuming process. Steam cleaning, as a regular household activity, should be done before treatment, since it removes the products’ active ingredients from treated areas.

Did You Know?

Each day, about 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the United States. By comparison, 10,000 humans are born each day.