How do I apply Bio Spot Active Care™ Room Fogger?

Foggers save labor by providing broad coverage of each room in which they are set off. However, the foggers do not fumigate, nor are they crack and crevice aerosols. They do not penetrate enclosed spaces, under/over doors or around walls. The ingredients are propelled upwards until they come in contact with a surface (usually a ceiling). They then bounce off that surface until reaching another surface (a wall), and then settle downward, similar to an umbrella distribution. Any surface (such as a wall, counter, furniture, etc.) will cause an obstruction. During settling, the actives will travel to a degree under items that have adequate clearance (6 inches or more), but will not get under things that are close to the ground (dust ruffles around furniture or beds, etc.). In order to ensure maximum effectiveness of mist distribution, select a fogger appropriate for the square footage of each room/area being treated, rather than the overall dimensions of the whole house. Handheld products will prove more effective than foggers when treating rooms that have vaulted or extended ceilings, rooms with indoor pools or fountains, or multi-level rooms. Directions for use: Use appropriate-sized fogger for each room/area in the entire house. If no obstruction (wall) divides two rooms, one fogger may be adequate. To maintain an even distribution of ingredients, all fans, air conditioning units, heaters, etc. should be turned off and all windows closed before activating fogger. Turn off ALL ignition sources such as pilot lights (shut off gas valves), other open flames or running electrical appliances that cycle off and on (i.e. refrigerators, thermostats, etc.). Call your gas utility or management company if you need assistance with your pilot lights. Remove all people and pets (mammals, birds, reptiles, etc.) for the amount of time specified on the label. Cover fish bowls or tanks with plastic wrap and turn off aerators. Regular green houseplants can be left in the treatment area. Exotic, tropical or in-bloom plants can be covered or removed during treatment, in order to avoid affecting the blooming. Cover all open food. Open all cupboards and drawers and remove contents. Place the fogger on a few pieces of newspaper, either on the floor or on an elevated surface (depending upon label instructions). Leave area undisturbed for 2 hours. Check label for further instructions. Dishes, counter tops and tables should be washed off with soapy water.

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